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Advanced filters to study

We offer you many options to look at the best strategy; see the bets as % of the pot or as BB, the hand weights, look at the total action frequencies, and discover the equity heat map.

New Solutions Running 24/7

Our team works on running and adding new situations. The hard work is being done for you! The app is browser based and can be used on any type of pc as well as most mobile devices.

Biggest Database on the Market

GTOTrainer brings you a solver strategy that is easy to use and understand. Over 250,000 solutions, from 10BB to 100bb. Tournaments, Cash Games and HU sims.

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Access the largest Tournament Database Available

With our site, you’re getting the most out of a poker solver by analyzing very various and specific scenarios. GTOTrainer is a handy tool for anyone wanting to improve their poker skills.

  • No need to spend hours setting up and running sims. Get instant visualisation on any hand.
  • Many bet sizings
  • Fastest way to learn optimal poker strategies
  • Intuitive interface to quickly build decision trees

Over 350,000 Complete Sims.

Get instant GTO Strategy feedback with our complete MTT solutions packages, either you’re an amateur or a professional poker player. Eliminate leaks in your poker game and improve your winrate by studying with our large variety of solver simulations.

  • Biggest library of solutions, from 300 flops per spot to 1755
  • All Turns and Rivers
  • View solutions on mobile & web. No download or installation is required.
  • Quiz tool with the reports of your results
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Access thousand of GTO situations all in your browser.

Over 250tb+ of data that would take you 3+ years to run yourself. Get a better understanding of the holy grail of no-limit holdem playing strategy in just a few seconds.