GTO Trainer - FAQs

About GTO Trainer

GTO Trainer is a poker solver containing over 250 Terabytes of information. All data is accessible in seconds. Unlike traditional solvers such as PIOSolver or GTO+, there are little to no loading times. In fact, if you were to run all the simulations in your own time it could take up to 3 years!

Yes! One of the best things about GTO Trainer is that you can study on the go and use it across a wide range of devices. GTO Trainer is a poker solver app for mac, ipads, phones, PC’s and more…

You will need to download GTO Checker , a real time prevention application. GTO Checker (AntiRTA) will have to be running before using the software. This is to ensure you do not accidentally access a poker site while you have any solver page open- it scans your PC to detect poker applications. This is to prevent any breaches in terms and conditions of not just GTO Trainer but also your poker site.

Using GTO Trainer

This is common, you will find yourself with a stack between solved sizes. To be as accurate as possible, if in doubt you should round up your stack-size to the nearest appropriate value or compare the nearest two solutions.

Using Poker Solvers in Real-time = Cheating
Using a computer to make your decisions while you play a poker hand is cheating, amoral and illegal.
We work closely with poker sites to track how our solver searches correlate with hands being played online. Once discovered abusing the software, you will be banned from GTO Trainer and your poker site.

To add a 10 card, you must use the “T” character.

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