Preflop Sizings

Preflop Sizings for Tournament VIP Solutions

Preflop Sizing's for Tournament VIP Solutions

Calculating the Preflop Sizing

You can double-check the preflop sizing by taking the starting pot, subtracting the dead money (from the antes, sb or bb folds), and dividing by 2. This gives you what each player put in preflop.

Dead Money
- The ante is always 1BB
- If the BB or SB folded we include that


Calculating the Preflop Sizing

Starting Pot: 6.1bb
Dead Money: 1bb ante + 0.5bb from SB fold = 1.5bb
Money from Active Players: 6.1 – 1.5 = 4.6
Preflop Raise = 4.6/2 = 2.3bb

Side Note: In the Pro sims, the preflop sizings are rounded to the nearest whole number