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Jacob Topley AKA Toppers1020

Jacob Topley is a professional poker player, coach, and writer from the UK. He started playing poker at Newcastle University where he became the president of one of the biggest poker societies in the country, organising tournaments and teaching the new students how to play. In 2020 he dropped out of university to play as a full-time cash poker player.

Toppers, professional poker player

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-Jacob Topley.


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In early 2021, Jacob started coaching other NLH players, something he takes great pride in. In December of 2020, he launched PokerCoaching.Online, a coaching website aimed at linking students with the best poker coaches for them. Nowadays, Jacob spends his time split evenly between playing live and online poker, coaching, and producing poker related content. Jacob has been teaching students to play and beat poker since the end of 2020.